Hi, I'm Christy. I'm a wife, a mother to two gorgeous girls and I'm a personal trainer.  Since having children my priorities changed and I decided to leave the rat race and have been lucky enough to be able to take the opportunity to re-train and turn my long-time hobby into my profession. I’m positive, fun, enthusiastic and professional. With a previous career in project management consulting I bring a real focus on client's needs to my personal training.  I understand that everyone’s goals and needs are different and I therefore take the time to make sure we set the right goals at the beginning of the programme and make sure there are no excuses to achieving success!  Training has to be fun but also engaging and challenging so as to keep motivated, progress fitness and ensure goals are achieved.​

                         tel:  07484 605874


The back story

I’m fortunate that sport and fitness have been a way of life for me from when I was young.  My parents were keen runners so myself and my brothers were doing laps at the local athletic track and competing in races from the age of 7.  This early indoctrination into training and fitness led to me achieving my first fitness qualifications at the age of 16 in gym instructing, exercise to music and sports leadership. Whilst at college, I worked in a gym part-time and then I made it to Loughborough University.  In these young and care-free years I didn't need to worry about my food consumption too much as the amount of sport and training I was doing always exceeded any unhealthy eating (and drinking) habits I had.  However, unfortunately this does breed a mentality that you can eat what you like which is then very hard then to break when suddenly you get older, get busier and the exercise becomes less frequent and you are then suddenly not so fit and not so healthy.  The sport and fitness is a way of life for me but eating well and fuelling my body correctly is an ongoing mental battle.  I will not pretend that I had a sudden epiphany one day in which I changed my whole outlook and realised my body is a temple – I didn’t, I haven’t.  Even though I know all the facts and figures about how to fuel my body properly I still really crave the bad stuff and when I’ve had a bad day, I’m tired or really just 'insert any excuse here', my will power does go.  So, I get it.  I really do get it.  I like to think I have a pretty good balance at the moment but life is busy and it’s hard to make the right choices all the time because temptation is everywhere.  For me it’s harder with food but equally I understand for others it’s harder with exercise and for some it’s hard with both.  

But personal training can really help.  It’s personal, it’s private, it’s in a comfortable place of your choosing and it’s at a pace that you choose.  Together, we establish what your goals are from the outset and I build a programme to get you there.  You choose how many one-on-one sessions you need per week to keep you on target and motivated and then after some hard work and determination  we celebrate your success!